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Life: Asking for a Friend…

Asking for a Friend…

Have you ever dropped a glass, which of course shattered, and then accidentally yelled out a four-letter word that your child overheard? Have you ever heard your child use that same four-letter word weeks later when peeing in their pants for the first time since being potty trained? #askingforafriend

Have you ever gone to the bathroom while holding a baby on your lap? #askingforafriend

Have you ever gone to the bathroom while wearing a baby in a baby carrier because holding them on your lap proved harder than you had thought? #askingforafriend

Have you ever made a batch of brownies at your children’s bedtime, after a hard day of parenting, and when questioned by your children about the brownies lied and said they were for Nana so you could enjoy them alone after bedtime? #askingforafriend

Have you ever been caught eating dessert in bed? And, I do actually mean eating dessert! #askingforafriend

Have you ever accidentally fed your whole family sandwiches made with expired mayonnaise, as if mayonnaise isn't gross enough? #askingforafriend

Have you ever arrived at a destination with your newborn baby and realized that you and your spouse both thought the other one had buckled the baby into their car seat? #askingforafriend

Have you ever had your baby girl in a forward facing stroller and pushed her around a mall while strangers stared at her, knowing it's because she's so extremely adorable? Have you ever become so suspicious of the crazy amount of stares that you finally decided to stop and look at your baby to find that she had pulled her headband down around her eyes, making her look like a baby Star Trek character? #askingforafriend

Have you ever completed your child's school project mostly on your own because you didn't want to stay up all night helping them finish it? #askingforafriend

Have you ever had a small amount of baby poop fall out of a diaper unbeknownst to you, then stepped in it (still unbeknownst to you) and tracked it all around the house while simultaneously trying to figure out why the house smells so bad? #askingforafriend

Have you ever gone to Ikea to buy a replacement rug for the one you tracked poop all over? #askingforafriend

Have you ever tried to make Corn Flake fried chicken and used Honey Bunches of Oats instead because you were out of Corn Flakes, only to discover how extremely different Honey Bunches of Oats and Corn Flakes taste? #askingforafriend

Have you, or a loved one, ever thrown-up after eating Honey Bunches of Oats fried chicken? #askingforafriend

Have you ever stocked up on approximately 3,287 stickers, toys, puzzles, and other $1 junk from the Dollar Store to use as future bribes for your children, because sometimes a $1 bribery item can save your entire day? #askingforafriend

Have you ever made your kids take off all of their clothes (except their undies) during mealtime so you won’t have to do so much stinkin’ laundry? #askingforafriend

Have you ever closed all of the mini blinds, turned off all of the lights, and told your kids it's bedtime at 6 pm? #askingforafriend

Have you ever written a whole blog as if you're asking for a friend because you don't want people to judge you?

Me neither. I'm just asking for a friend.

Sarah is a full time chef, maid, nurse, and entertainer to the three coolest little girls, who all happen to be under the age of 5. It might not be glamorous, but it’s truly her dream job. She's also married to her best friend, Matt, who is likely the most helpful and loving husband in the world…sorry ladies. Sarah has a love for writing, photography, crafts, sarcasm, and Mexican food. In her spare time she likes to…who is she kidding? She has NO spare time. Someday she'll enjoy traveling the world with her husband, but for now they will cherish their family game nights and their weekly date nights.