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​Life: Don't Let the Fun Pass You By

Don't Let the Fun Pass You By...

I love hanging out with my husband and kids. 

Saturday is hands down my favorite day of the week because we get to hang out as a family ALL day. It seems that all week, every week, I count down the days until it’s officially the weekend. And then when it’s finally the weekend, I almost feel sad because I know it’ll fly by like it always does. Then by Sunday afternoon I’m in major denial that the weekend is ending. And don’t even get me started on Monday mornings! 

Anyone else know what I’m talking about? 

I’ve realized that I live for the weekends, and I’ve inadvertently taught my kids to live for the weekends too. The problem is that this is teaching them that fun has to look a certain way. It’s taught them that fun has to be a long family day spent at the park, playing family games, eating delicious food, and watching family movies. So here I am…trying to back pedal and teach my kids that life is a gift, and it’s something we can celebrate every day. Why wait until the weekend, or holidays, to have family fun when you can have family fun daily? 

Don’t get me wrong; my kids have fun on the regular. They make their own fun out of nothing. But family fun, when parents actually get involved, is a whole different thing. I’m talking about weeknight picnics, bike rides, crafts, movies, games, tickle monsters, tag, hide-and-seek, fort building, family cooking, s’mores making…you get the idea. 

It’s so easy to get bogged down by all of the parental responsibilities that sometimes I forget to have fun and be fun. 

So here’s a friendly challenge. Each day/night from now until the end of the year do something fun with your family. If you have a hard time thinking of fun activities, I have a suggestion. Ask your children what they want to do. If they are anything like my kids, they are never at a loss for ideas. And their ideas are almost always something very simple, requiring no prep work at all (i.e. building a tower out of blocks).

I put this pressure on myself to be a Pinterest mom – you know the kind of mom I’m talking about. And sometimes I feed myself the lie that if it isn’t Pinterest worthy then it’s not worth doing at all. But guess what? My family doesn’t care about a Pinterest worthy picnic at the park on a patchwork quilt that I sewed myself. My kids would be just as excited to sit on the grass in our backyard and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

We are shaping our children’s expectations, and the great thing about kids is that they are impressed easily. Their expectations are most likely where our expectations need to be. 

Have you ever had a picnic in your living room on a blanket? My girls think that is just about the best thing ever! And it’s super easy! 

So go have fun with your family daily! And if you’re thinking “you don’t understand, my life is crazy busy,” don’t worry. I see you, and I get you. It isn’t about the length of the activity; it’s just about doing something as a family. And if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of having to think of fun, quick activities daily, don’t worry about that either. The Idea Box Kids has a Family Games & Activities Box that is chock full of simple games that are child-led and perfect for the whole family. 

Just remember one thing. In order for it to be family fun you have to be present and intentional. No scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter allowed during these family fun activities. I know the struggle is real, but these moments are passing us by, and unlike social media we can’t scroll back and play catch up. And forget about the dishes and laundry too. It can all wait until later!

Sarah is a full time chef, maid, nurse, and entertainer to the three coolest little girls, who all happen to be under the age of 5. It might not be glamorous, but it’s truly her dream job. She's also married to her best friend, Matt, who is likely the most helpful and loving husband in the world…sorry ladies. Sarah has a love for writing, photography, crafts, sarcasm, and Mexican food. In her spare time she likes to…who is she kidding? She has NO spare time. Someday she'll enjoy traveling the world with her husband, but for now they will cherish their family game nights and their weekly date nights.