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5 Instant Outdoor Group Activities for Kids

5 Instant Outdoor Group Activities for Kids

Kids love summertime!

It’s filled with family and friends, barbecues and get-togethers.

During these get-togethers, there’s plenty of catching up to do for the parents, and plenty of unstructured playtime for the kids.

It’s not often your hear an “I’m bored” during these occasions, but just in case you do, you can turn to these 5 instant, outdoor group activities that will help keep both their minds & bodies busy until it’s time to wind down a bit.

The activities require no supplies, can be organized in seconds, are open-ended, and can work for both a small or large number of kids.

Follow the Leader
Have children line up in a line, backs to fronts. Have the leader lead the line all over the yard.

Simon Says
Have one child stand in front of the group and give directions to the other children, such as “wave your hand in the air.” The leader says “Simon Says” before saying most of the directions, but if anyone follows through with the direction when the leader does not say, “Simon Says,” then that child sits out until the next round.

Telephone Game
Have kids sit in a circle. Have one child start by whispering something in the ear of the child next to them and then that child passes the message (as they interpret it) into the ear of the next child. And, so on, until the message reaches the last child. Have the last child share what the message was that they heard. Was the message correct? Did everyone hear the same thing?

The Hokey Pokey
Grown-ups love this as much as the kids! Stand in a circle and act out movements that the leader yells out during the song. If you cannot remember all of the words, wing it!

Make a Moving Circle
Have kids stand in a circle and hold the hands of the people next to them. Children should now have formed a circle, connected together by their hands. Have them make the circle bigger and smaller by moving their bodies forwards or backwards. Can they make other shapes? Can they travel to the other side of the yard while in a circle?

There you have it! Five instant outdoor group activities for kids that you can pull out when needed.