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Activity: Make a Snowflake

It’s officially cold outside, so we have been on the hunt for some fun indoor activities. This particular activity was a favorite of ours! This craft works on fine motor skills while also encouraging creativity. Plus you’ll end up with some really cute winter decorations! What more could you ask for?

Gather your supplies: white cardstock/construction paper, glue, beads, sequins, pom-poms, stickers, glitter, sugar, or anything else that you want to include! Let your kids help you think of things they want to include.

  1. I printed out a snowflake template (I found for free online) on a piece of white cardstock, and then stacked 3 sheets under it to cut out 4 big snowflakes at once. If you have an older child, let them help you with the cutting. I also printed out the same snowflake and changed the scale to 80% when printing so that we could have a few smaller snowflakes too.
  2. Lay out all of your craft supplies on the table.


3. Now it’s time to create! Have your child start by putting glue on their snowflake, and then let them pick which items they want to use. Just remember that there’s no wrong way to do this! This project is about having fun and letting your little ones be creative. I let my kids explore the materials, and do all of the designing and creating on their own.

My girls had so much fun doing this activity that they didn’t want to stop. They were also SUPER proud of their adorable creations that they made completely on their own, and I was super impressed with their designs! We will definitely be doing this activity again and again!

Sarah is a full time chef, maid, nurse, and entertainer to the three coolest little girls, who all happen to be under the age of 5. It might not be glamorous, but it’s truly her dream job. She's also married to her best friend, Matt, who is likely the most helpful and loving husband in the world…sorry ladies. Sarah has a love for writing, photography, crafts, sarcasm, and Mexican food. In her spare time she likes to…who is she kidding? She has NO spare time. Someday she'll enjoy traveling the world with her husband, but for now they will cherish their family game nights and their weekly date nights.