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Activity: Thankful Leaves

We Are Thankful For…

It is never too young to start teaching our children to be thankful and what it means to have a thankful heart. With the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect to time to start a discussion about the meaning of being thankful. One way you can start is by spending time together as a family and opening up the lines of communication about harnessing the appreciative attitude.

To get into the thankful spirit, we started a discussion about what it means to be thankful while taking a nature walk (an idea from our Adventure Box) to collect some leaves just like the thankful leaves we would be coloring later.

Sometimes, as parents, we do not give our children enough credit about how they come to conclusions about their world. When asked the question what they thought it meant to be thankful, the obvious answer for my girls was “what we say thank you for!” After picking my jaw off the floor, we decided to make a list of the things they wanted to say thank you for and at the top of the list was “love.” They had a blast thinking of all the things that they wanted to say “thank you” to while coloring their own thankful leaves (found here). It was such a simple activity to do together and was an experience that helped us discuss as a family what we are all grateful for.

The great thing about this activity is that it doesn’t have to be on leaves, it can be on post-its, little pieces of paper, or on a mirror, anywhere as a reminder to keep things in perspective and to continue the cycle of positivity with you and your family.

Jennifer N. is an educator and photographer converted to stay-at-home mother of two spunky girls. When she’s not wrangling her two wildlings on one of their adventures, she is writing and documenting the joys of parenting and childhood one photograph at a time. After surviving two children under two, she believes she can take on the world.