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​Giving Back: A Lifelong Tradition

Fa la la la la la la la la~

Tis’ the season to be merry and that means plenty of family time. 

As the holidays approach, it is a great time to remember and reinforce the giving spirit with your family. This is a great opportunity to not only spend time with one another, but to build new traditions while remembering the old.

As parents, we hope to instill good values in hopes of raising great children. In the chaos that are the holidays, it is easy to forget its true purpose and to look only at the presents and excitement rather than the true meaning behind the holidays. 

There are many different ways to give back from volunteering at shelters, food banks, and toy drives. We wanted to work with our young children to emphasize the importance of celebrating the holidays with love and giving instead of focusing on presents. So, this year we implemented a new tradition…random acts of kindness!

We made cards together so that we would use them to hand out to random strangers whenever we are able. We completed them together as a family and worked on thinking about where, when, and who we would give them to. This was also the perfect time to discuss what it means to have a giving heart and to teach what giving means. Although they are still excited for presents, they are equally excited to give out these “presents” to people. After our first encounter with giving away a random act of kindness, they were ecstatic to do more acts of kindness.

No matter how your family celebrates, participating in charitable acts can become a part of your family’s tradition. “random acts of kindness” does not need to be limited to the holidays, it can be done all year long with little acts that can be a great way to teach your children the joy of giving.


Jennifer N. is an educator and photographer converted to stay-at-home mother of two spunky girls. When she’s not wrangling her two wildlings on one of their adventures, she is writing and documenting the joys of parenting and childhood one photograph at a time. After surviving two children under two, she believes she can take on the world.