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Life: The Grass is Always Greener

The Grass Is Always Greener…

I walk into the grocery store with three children under the age of 5, and my only goal is to leave the store without making a scene. Sure, I went to the store to buy groceries, but I’m not above quickly abandoning a completely full shopping cart to avoid a public meltdown. I’ve done it before. 

Ten minutes into my shopping excursion, as I’m putting out fights and doling out snacks, I see another mom staring at me. I start wondering if my kids were being louder than I thought. The mom moves her gaze to my children, as her teenage son grabs a bag of chips and tosses them into their shopping cart. I start feeling panicked by her unwavering stare, and contemplate if it’s time to abandon the shopping cart. I suddenly realize it’s about 10,000 degrees inside the store. As I begin sweating, I quickly hand out some more snacks…after all, it’s hard for them to scream when their mouths are full. 

As I push our cart past the lady, I notice how put together she seems. She’s wearing a cute dress, her hair is brushed, and her makeup is perfect. Must be nice, I think to myself. She interrupts my thoughts, “I remember those days like they were yesterday.” As my eyes meet hers, a big smile spreads across her face. “They are adorable,” she says, glancing over at my messy, wild children, who (thanks to me) have overstuffed mouths. “Thanks,” I say shyly, as I keep slowly pushing our shopping cart down the aisle, wishing to go unnoticed. “The time goes by so fast,” the lady says as I pass her. I turn back and smile, “that’s what people keep telling me.” The lady laughs and says, “I know it’s so exhausting when they’re little, but you will miss it. I promise. Having older children is a blast, but enjoy the mess, the loudness, and the snuggles while you can because someday you will miss ALL of it.” I politely say thanks for the reminder, and move my little circus on to the next aisle. 

For the next week, her words stick with me, and instead of being plagued by “the grass is greener on the other side” thoughts, I begin realizing that some people wish their grass was my exact shade of green. I start finding joy in the crazy, little patch of grass that belongs to me. Sure, maybe we can’t go out to eat as a family without one of our little ones crying, but we can have an epic movie night at home, full of snuggles. Or maybe your, not-so-little, children don’t want to snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie, but they can dominate a game of bowling while carrying on semi-adultlike conversations. 

Relish it, ALL of it, because your grass is the perfect shade of green! And you want to know something crazy? The more you appreciate it, the greener it gets!

Sarah is a full time chef, maid, nurse, and entertainer to the three coolest little girls, who all happen to be under the age of 5. It might not be glamorous, but it’s truly her dream job. She's also married to her best friend, Matt, who is likely the most helpful and loving husband in the world…sorry ladies. Sarah has a love for writing, photography, crafts, sarcasm, and Mexican food. In her spare time she likes to…who is she kidding? She has NO spare time. Someday she'll enjoy traveling the world with her husband, but for now they will cherish their family game nights and their weekly date nights.