Christmas - Christmas Activities for Kids

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Christmas is a magical time for kids. Wrapped in with all of the gifts, family, decorations and food…there is plenty of opportunity for play and discovery.

The Christmas Box touches on all of the special gifts the Holidays bring, and incorporates those with the invaluable gift of play. Would your child love to make a colorful paper chain garland, or practice their gift wrapping skills? How about simple games like guessing the number of candies or items in a jar? There are also acts of kindness activities like visiting someone and bringing them a treat.

Your child will look forward to choosing an activity from their Idea Box! Invite some friends over, choose a couple of coins from the box and have a blast! You will definitely make some great memories with the Christmas Box!

All of the activities and ideas in the Christmas Box are simple, require little to no prep-work, and use items that are found around the house. When you make the activities in your Idea Box as child-led as possible, your child is learning to listen, ask questions, and follow directions. In addition, when your child takes the lead, you are providing an opportunity to help build their self-esteem, promote independent thinking and grow their decision making skills.

Here are just a few of the Christmas activities you will find in the box:
•Make a paper chain garland
•Practice your gift wrapping skills & wrap small items
•Read lips using Christmas words
•Guess the number of Christmas items/candies in a jar
•Collect greenery for the kitchen table

•Drive or walk around & look at holiday lights

The best part is that the ideas and activities never get can do them over and over again.

AGES: 3-10
ACTIVITIES: 60 Simple Activities
COINS: 30 natural, wood coins, each measuring 1 ½ inches round
BOX SIZE: 4.75x2

NOT for children under 3 yrs. of age.

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